Purchase of a controlling interest (or percent of shares) of a company's stock. A leveraged buy-out is done with borrowed money. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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buyout buy‧out [ˈbaɪaʊt] also buy-out noun [countable] FINANCE
1. when a person or organization buys a business:

• The company has accepted a buyout offer of $44.50 a share.

emˌployee ˈbuyout also ˌstaff ˈbuyout FINANCE
when employees buy the company they work for:

• One of the airline's unions is refusing to participate in an employee buyout.

ˌleveraged ˈbuyout FINANCE
when a person or organization buys a company using a loan borrowed against the company's assets, some of which may then be sold to pay off the loan:

• With debt taken on in a $4.9 billion leveraged buyout, the company could not afford to pay all its bills.

ˌmanagement ˈbuyout abbreviation MBO FINANCE
when a company's top managers buy the company they work for:

• The computer company is to be relaunched following a management buyout of its Dutch manufacturing plant.

2. FINANCE when a person or organization buys all the shares in a company owned by a particular shareholder:

• The company said it was continuing to negotiate a buyout of minority stakeholders.

3. HUMAN RESOURCES money given to someone to persuade them to leave a company:

• The airline plans to cut its payroll by 5,000, mainly through buyouts.

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buyout UK US /ˈbaɪaʊt/ noun [C]
FINANCE a situation in which a person or group buys most or all of the shares belonging to a company and so gets control of it: lead/propose/negotiate a buyout »

As Managing Director, he led the buyout that created the firm three years ago.


a voluntary/hostile buyout


buyout offer/bid/price

See also BUY-IN(Cf. ↑buy-in)
See also EMPLOYEE BUYOUT(Cf. ↑employee buyout), LEVERAGED BUYOUT(Cf. ↑leveraged buyout), MANAGEMENT BUYOUT(Cf. ↑management buyout)

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